Writing a check mark in excel

We can sort the worksheet cells but this could be slow if there is a lot of data. The QuickSort function below can be used to sort an array. You declare the parameter using parenthesis similar to how you declare a dynamic array.

Writing a check mark in excel

Interactive Excel checklist template with a number of variations and enhancement How to create a To-Do list with conditional formatting Basically, you can add checkboxes and formulas for a to-do list exactly in the same way as we have just done for the Excel checklist.

Well, in a typical to-do list, the completed tasks have the strikethrough format like this: This effect can be easily achieved by creating a conditional formatting rule.

The detailed steps follow below. To begin with, write down a list of tasks, insert checkboxes and link them to cells: And now, apply conditional formatting that will give the strikethrough format and, optionally, a different background or font color to the checked items.

Select a list of tasks A2: A11 in this example. In the Format values where this formula is true box, enter the following formula: Click on the Format button, set up the desired formatting style, and click OK. In this example, we select the Strikethrough effect and the light grey font color: If you have little experience with conditional formatting, you may find the following detailed guidance helpful: Excel conditional formatting based on another cell value.

As of now, whenever a certain box is checked, the corresponding item gets formatted in the light grey font color with a strikethrough. And here's one more idea for formatting your Excel to-do list.

Instead of crossing out the competed tasks, you can insert an additional column with the following IF formula: After that, apply the desired conditional format to the Status column based on this formula: Lastly, add a couple of formulas to calculate the completed tasks like we did for the checklisthide the linked cells, and your Excel To Do list is good to go!

The bar chart at the top of the To-Do list is based on the percentage formula in B2.

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If you are curious to know the details, I encourage you to download the template, unhide columns D and E, and investigate the formulas. How to create an interactive report with check boxes Another useful application of checkboxes in Excel is for creating interactive reports.

Supposing you have a sales report that includes data for 4 regions: North, South, East and West. Your aim is to get the total for one or more selected regions.

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Of course, this can be done by using the Slicers feature of an Excel table or PivotTable or by inserting Subtotals. But why don't we make the report more user-friendly by inserting 4 checkboxes at the top? Looks nice, isn't it?

To create a similar report in your sheet, please follow these steps: Add 4 checkboxes at the top of the sheet, for the North, South, East and West regions. Create the criteria area somewhere in an unused part of the sheet, and link the checkboxes to empty cells: In the above screenshot, I2: I5 are linked cells and H2: H5 are the region names exactly as they appear in the report.

Add one more column to the criteria area with an IF formula that returns the region name if the linked cell evaluates to TRUE, a dash "-" otherwise: The exact match is very important and on the next step, you will understand why.

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Next, write the formula to calculate the total for selected regions. For this, we are going to use the DSUM function that sums the values in a database that match the specified conditions: DSUM database, field, criteria Where: Database is your table or range including the column headings A5: F48 in this example.

writing a check mark in excel

Field is the column you want to sum. It can be supplied either as the column heading enclosed in the quotation marks, or a number that represents the position of the column in the database.

In this example, we add up numbers in the Sub-total column, so our second argument is "sub-total". Criteria is the range of cells that contain your conditions, including the column heading J1: That is why the heading of the formula column in the criteria area should match the column heading in the report.Insert a Check Mark from Symbols There are a lot of symbols in Excel which you can use and the check mark is one of them.

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Apr 10,  · Original title: Excel. Where do I find a check mark to insert into my Excel document? I have looked in all related fonts such as Symbol, wingding, wingding 2, etc.

writing a check mark in excel

This tutorial will guide you on how to make a checkbox in Excel and use the check box results in formulas to create an interactive checklist, to-do list, report or graph. I believe everybody knows what a checkbox is, you must have seen plenty of them on various forms online.

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