Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

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Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

What do you hope to accomplish as a result of your volunteering with this Project

I thought it could possibly have something to do with math, and that scared me just enough to quash my initial interest. I found studying philosophy as an undergraduate useful because learning how to read and comprehend theory was an integral foundation of my education.

In my philosophy classes I learned to think critically; and I learned a language that allowed me to delve deeper into thoughts and questions. This language helped me to write papers as well as articulate my thoughts during late night conversations in Wahlstrom.

In classes such as Feminist Philosophy, Philosophies of the Environment, and Philosophies of Developing Nations I watched my interdisciplinary education actualize.

Studying philosophy helped me to understand the broader picture; to see how history, political science, and more specific studies were connected.

This broader understanding of my education was critical while studying Justice, Peace and Development in India. While researching and studying rural women farmers I more fully explored the connections between their roles as women and their work with the land because of what I had learned in my first philosophy classes.

After graduating, studying philosophy has extended even more out of the classroom. My first two years out of college I worked at a day-center for the homeless in Tacoma, Washington. Most nights after dinner we would go on long walks and talk about our day. After a few weeks we realized we were constantly attempting to make sense of our situation by theorizing.

These long walks in wet, balmy northwest nights helped to solidify my belief in the indissoluble connection between theory and practice. I was introduced to the concept of theory and practice in my level philosophy classes. That concept guided me through my papers in college as well as decisions about the course of my life.

For that, I am very thankful. Why is philosophy useful to study as an undergraduate? Studying philosophy teaches you how to approach problems, view arguments from multiple perspectives and to think around situations.

Studying philosophy refines your ability to communicate clearly with others and articulate your thoughts in a meaningful way. My top reasons for studying philosophy: I finally understand those jokes on the Family Guy, Home Star Runner, and the Simpsons that had been eluding me all these years.

I can do Sudoku puzzles in INK! And then there are the secret powers What did I do with a philosophy degree?

What do you hope to accomplish as a result of your volunteering with this Project

My primary focus is working with underrepresented populations and bridging achievement gaps. The skills I learned and the talents that were polished in my study of philosophy actually play in important role in my professional life.

First of all studying philosophy at Gustavus made graduate school a breeze.

Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

My cohort did not have experience wrestling with difficult texts or writing clear arguments and found the work to be much more challenging. Even now, I am involved in more research and article writing in my professional career because of the jump start I had as an undergraduate.

In my position now, my communication and clarifying skills are immensely important. Even though I am the newest person in my office I get most of the challenging work because of my analytic and problem solving skills. While most try to defend their position on a topic and get agitated and downright pissed off at times, I find it somewhat amusing at times to hear people out.

My ability to negotiate is far superior to my peers for this simple reason. If I seek to gain understanding, I can then leverage what makes that person tick and try and satisfy their needs along with mine. Philosophy teaches you to ask questions, analyze, and contrast viewpoints.

In addition, philosophy has taught me to be a much better speaker and writer. In order to convey your thoughts in philosophy, you must speak and write essays.

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