Marketing strategy of tvs motor company

Apr 16, TVS Motor Company plans to focus on "clever niches" and avoid taking on its two bigger rivals Hero Honda and Bajaj to grow its two-wheeler business. We will concentrate on carefully designed products that target niche segments, and will expand geographically," he says.

Marketing strategy of tvs motor company

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Speaking at a conference? Put your Twitter handle on the slideshow heck, keep it in the corner the entire presentation. Ordering new business cards?

Marketing strategy of tvs motor company

Better include that adorable handle! Very cool Twitter-themed business card from Luis Felipe Silva Join in on weekly hashtag themes like ThrowbackThursday — If you want to build your social media following, you need to be an active participant in the community.

This means posting regularly, and also joining in on fun weekly social media traditions that already have a loyal audience. Show the kids how hip you can be! Vines — Vines, quick 6-second video clips, are largely under-utilized.

With a little work and some fun content, you could become a big fish in a small pond on Vine. Post your strongest visual assets templates, infographics, etc on Pinterest and link them to your webpages for some serious traffic. Keep social tabs on competitors - Facebook business pages allow you to follow other accounts via the Pages to Watch feature.

Follow your competitors and see what they post, and which of their posts get the most shares and likes. See what works and follow their lead. Urban Marketing Ideas Living in a concrete jungle allows for some pretty creative concepts. Go old school with flyers and poster in local cafes, do some sidewalk chalk writing.

This strategy is most effective for locally oriented businesses, but it can work for anyone. Street chalk Twitter handle by Marquette ITS Commission a mural — Try getting permission to decorate the side of a prominent building with a large mural.

Great Di Bruno Bros mural found on Yelp Use your surroundings — Get a little imaginative and think about how you can use your urban surroundings for potential marketing magic.

They secret is, you need to think creatively to capitalize on these opportunities. We've pulled all of these tips and added 5 more! And click here for more Instagram marketing ideas.

This kind of content can be extremely valuable for businesses down the line, especially when you have talented filmers creating video content just for you! Share what you learned in a blog post! Caption Contests - Post a photo and ask users to submit their best caption - this kind of contest can get some pretty great laughs.

Marketing Ideas for Contest Promotion Post to deal sites - People love free stuff, some more than others. The people who really love a good deal tend to frequent deal sites and forums. Start of submitting to Slickdeals and go from there.Pallab Roy. Deputy General Manager - Marketing Strategy (Scooter, Corporate Brand & New Technologies) TVS Motor Company.

Location Bengaluru Area, IndiaIndustry: Automotive. Still the Most Powerful Form of Advertising. The Internet may grab all of the attention these days, but TV is still the media king. According to one recent study, the average American spends more than four and a half hours a day in front of the tube — and a whopping 99 percent of .

NEW DELHI: TVS Motor Company plans to focus on "clever niches" and avoid taking on its two bigger rivals Hero Honda and Bajaj to grow its two-wheeler business.

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The approach will drive TVS’ product development, marketing positioning and export expansion, says TVS chairman and MD Venu Srinivasan. Marketing Mix of TVS Motors analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the TVS Motors marketing strategy.

The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company. Feb 19,  · One of the best new marketing strategies is to work with influential people that have large social followings.

As influential people increasingly build . Twice at the brink of bankruptcy since the 's, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and its parent, Harley-Davidson Inc., have undergone a stunning metamorphosis in the past decade, fueling a level of demand that is the goal of corporate chieftains everywhere.

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