Ingvar kamprad and ikea essay

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Ingvar kamprad and ikea essay

Does the name Ingvar Kamprad mean anything to you? Kamprad was born in the south of Sweden in and raised on a farm called Elmtaryd, near the small village of Agunnaryd.

He is a great leader and one amazing thing about him is that he went into business early in life, selling matches as a schoolboy and also, very wisely for his age or any age for that matter Kamprad took his profits and used them to expand his operations, adding to his small Ingvar kamprad and ikea essay of goods with decorations of Christmas trees, fish, and seeds.

He was learning the operational side of retailing, and he was learning it quickly and profitably. When Kamprad did well in school, his dad rewarded his with some money, and that was the seed to launch a company he named IKEA. He got the name from his initials I. Like in his younger years, Kamprad soon began to expand into all sorts of other areas, including everything from jewelry to male and female ccessories.

He soon outgrew individual visits to customers and went into the mail order business on the local level, having the milk trucks deliver his products to his customers. When Kamprad first included furniture as part of the product line of IKEA, his idea was to use local manufacturers to keep costs low and under control.

That was in Byfurniture sales were so successful, he decided to drop all other products and focus on the furniture line alone.

The first furniture showroom opened inand the rest is history. Almost immediately a price war started between IKEA and its chief competitor, and the inclusion of the showroom helped sway potential customers who were able to see and touch the quality before making their purchases.

Like many great retailers, Kamprad was obsessed with controlling costs, and dedicated to finding new ways to do things at a less expensive level. That has been one of the major reasons behind the ongoing success of IKEA furniture sales and profits.

Some people attempt to point out the fact that Kamprad has several properties he owns and so the frugal image is contrived. We will write a custom essay sample on Ingvar Kamprad Leadership Essay Order now I have to disagree with that, because the reason he can afford some of these things is because he remained frugal within the construct of his company, and so because he was able to put of instantaneous gratification, could then do whatever he wanted once he became wealthy.

While there is some truth to the image part, it was also very much practiced by Kamprad.

Ingvar kamprad and ikea essay

Many people think being frugal is being cheap in a negative way, and yet those best at it are the ones that serve their customers and employees at the highest level by giving customers the best deals possible, while at the same time offering longevity to employees.

Prentice-Hall International Ltd; So while cost control is a major part of the IKEA success story, the empowerment of its customers is as well, which is brought about from a highly committed and talented design team.

In other words, social actors in the labor market believe what the professionals leaders, professors, mass-media define as leadership, considering that the privilege formal position brings privilege information and ethics.

This is not a valid statement if we look into the organizational structure at IKEA. Anecdotes about Kamprad abound. He gives no interviews. As far as setting an example through his actions, Kamprad flies only economy class, drives a year-old vehicle, and focuses on little things for his workers like writing on both sides of the paper, and other frugal practices.

That has helped IKEA remain on the top of a highly competitive market. With that in mind, the way the stores themselves are set up and the design of the furniture built with the idea of being very simple to assemble, it generates the healthy idea of self-sufficiency, which helps empower people and make them feel good about themselves.

Leader or non-leader; manager or leader If we would be to make a list with leader and non-leader and manager traits we would easily see that Ingvar Kampard is a leader, not only that, he is a good example for hundreds of people out there who thrive to become leaders themselves.

If we look closely at Kampard we can see that he is a proactive an, he believes in people following examples, he motivates and inspires top results and has great strategic orientation. Thereby, all the IKEA employees from top management to co-workers follow this organisational value as a framework.

In addition, the leadership style of management position also was influenced through strong organisational value. If we apply the model of leader vs. Manager described by Abraham Zaleznik — Ingvar Kamprad is the epitome of business leader.

All of this is based on his empathic relationship with his co-workers and employees. The roles that leaders should play is exactly how Kamprad has been doing for so long.

Creativity As Teresa M. Or if you want to spark innovation, rethink how you motivate, reward, and assign work to people. We tend to associate creativity with the arts and to think of it as the expression of higly original ideas.IKEA sources for suppliers that are closer to the manufacturing plant, as well as building distribution centres near to seaports, to reduce transportation costs.

IKEA prefers rail and sea transport as transporting on the road is more costly. ”[i] IKEA is the pioneer in designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture, and it Case Analysis: Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA Our group will illustrate IKEA’s general development in chronological order.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish entrepreneur in The name is derived from his initials I.K, and the name of a farm (Elmtaryd) and a village (Aguunaryd).

Ikea Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is a privately held, international home products retailer that sells flat pack furniture, accessories, and bathroom and kitchen items in their retail stores around the world.

Ingvar Kamprad built IKEA from scratch and he worked very hard so that the comapany became what it is today. Finally, he is a man that was interested in being a business man since he was a child.

He is a much respected man and a wonderful example for future leaders and it was a pleasure for our team to work out together in order to realize this.

Ingvar Kamprad and Ikea Essay Ingvar Feodor Kamprad is a Swedish business magnate and the founder of IKEA, which became the world’s largest home furnishings retailer.

Ingvar kamprad and ikea essay

As well as the founder he is the strategic architect and cultural guru of the company.

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