Global economic crisis impact on aviation industry

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Global economic crisis impact on aviation industry

Global economic crisis impact on aviation industry

Positive Trade Balance, Growth Prospects for Global Maintenance March 15, Aviation maintenance, an often overlooked but vital segment of the aviation industry, is not only a major employer nationwide making a substantial impact on the U. The report found there are more than 3, American firms across all 50 states performing maintenance services.

The vast majority of these repair stations, close to 85 percent, are small-to-medium sized businesses employing 50 or fewer people.

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Overall, thanks to strong performance in component and engine-specific services, the United States enjoys a positive balance of trade for maintenance: Maintenance providers will see steady demand growth, as fleets expand and new technologies emerge, Marcontell noted during the briefing.

For its part, the U.

Global economic crisis impact on aviation industry

In total, more than 3, American firms scattered through all 50 states perform maintenance, repair and overhaul services. The vast majority of these, close to 90 percent, are small-medium sized businesses employing 50 or fewer people.

Each member of Congress needs to pay attention and be mindful of the consequences. Repair stations will have to manage continually increasing cost scrutiny from air carriers and other operators and find ways to leverage new technologies in materials, production, flight data and maintenance techniques.

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Properly leveraged, this data is capable of alerting the operators and the MRO of the health of the aircraft systems. The seven-minute documentary was developed as part of a series of informational public-television features and is intended to provide a foundational introduction to the work of the men and women who keep the world safely in flight.

The full report, as well as a fact sheet illustrating U. As air carriers and other aviation businesses respond to this demand, the already-dynamic aviation maintenance market will march right along in step. These repair stations, maintenance facilities and component shops — the businesses that ARSA represents every day — are part of a complex global network of services that are vital to our national and global economy.

We can tell those stories in many different ways, and this report and our documentary make key points in the overall discussion: Other issues addressed in the report include the flow of trade between various regions and market conditions in specific maintenance sub-sectors airframe, engine, component and line maintenance.

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MRO industry is available here. ARSA is an Alexandria, Virginia-based trade association that represents aviation maintenance and manufacturing companies. Founded inthe association has a distinguished record of advocating for repair stations, providing regulatory compliance assistance to the industry, and representing repair stations on Capitol Hill and in the media.

More information is available at www. Services include strategic and tactical consulting services, airline technical support services, and MRO data and benchmarking, specializing in operations and maintenance sectors.Global financial crisis cost the industry $bn in lost revenues The global financial crisis had a large and lasting impact on aviation.

Click the image to read more. 14 September Airlines Financial Monitor - August Performance Of Economic Growth In Nigeria ( – ) – Impact Of Oil Industry. Economic Growth In Nigeria – Impact Of Oil Industry.

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What's next Passenger traffic is up, fuel prices are under control and rising demand from Asia is fueling aircraft orders. So what could possibly go wrong?
Previously from ARSA... Unsustainable population growth societal Critical systems failure technological The strongest connections to the five Centres of Gravity are highlighted as the dark grey, star-shaped constellation to emphasize their impact. Analysis of the Global Risks Map reveals four risks as playing significant roles in connecting the Centres of Gravity to each other.
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According a new report, the global aviation maintenance industry will continue to expand its worldwide economic footprint over the next decade.

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