Drawbacks of globalization

Yellow Times November 10, Suddenly, people all over Africa and the rest of the non-Westernized regions of the world, appear to be imbibing materialistic and individualistic values previously associated with Western culture. What explains this apparently abrupt Westernization?

Drawbacks of globalization

Types of Media Mass Media vs Personal Media Personal media is any form of media designed for use by a specific person, in contrast to mass media, which is any form of media designed for use by large sets of people.

Personal media can also denote person-to-person communications, such as speech, gestures, mail, and telephony. The earliest forms of personal media, speech and gestures, had the benefit of being easy-to-use and not needing technology.

But Drawbacks of globalization downside of not being able to communicate to large audiences led to the development of mass media, such as writing.


New technologies can lead to new types of media and the ability to use a given form of media is related to the ability to use its related technology. For example, modern humans have used a technology, writing, to enhance speech. But writing was once the exclusive domain of scribes—professional hand-writers—and that monopoly only really ended after the advent of another technology, printing.

While it then became easier for many people to learn to read—auto-didactically or via institutions—the ability to write was not wide-spread until the industrial revolution, when paper and writing utensils became affordable and widely-available.

Printing, radio and television are some examples of mass media in that they are intended to reach vast audiences. But these forms of media previously could not be used by the average person.

The advent of personal media technologies like blogging, podcasting and Internet video allowed the average person to do what was theretofore restricted to media companies.

But the ability to use communications technology is now so unrestricted that even the line between these definitions is becoming blurred. In China, the most popular website is Baidu, a Chinese language portal that offers a plethora of services such as searching, multimedia content and social networking.

Drawbacks of globalization

List some ways in which you notice a mixing of mass media and personal media. In what ways are these examples allowing multiple perspectives to be shared? What are some benefits and drawbacks of this? How can consumers of media—both mass and personal—ensure that the information they get is derived from trusted sources?

Professor Shigeru Miyagawa on mass media and personal media: Shigeru Miyagawa, professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discusses both mass and personal media in a very clear and concise way: The following article examines potential pitfalls of excessive personal media use, such as the tendency to only expose oneself to ideas with which one is already comfortable and the resulting social isolation:The Pros and Cons of Globalization.

Amelia Josephson May 21, Share. Supporters argue that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, while critics want to either improve the conditions of global trade or, in some cases, roll back globalization. The World Is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century [Thomas L.

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The Pro's and Con's of NAFTA - Introduction The North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as the NAFTA, is a trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico launched to enable North America to become more competitive in the global marketplace (Amadeo, ).

Outsourcing is "an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for an existing internal activity." It often involves the contracting of a business process (e.g., payroll processing, claims processing), operational, and/or non-core functions, such as manufacturing, facility management, call center support).

The term "outsourcing. Meaning of Globalization, Its Advantages and Disadvantages. Globalization can pressure us to act in a certain way. Conclusion: In spite of so many disadvantages of Globalization, one must admit that no country can afford to ignore the wave of Globalization.

Globalization, thus, is a reality.

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