Domino url re write apache

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Domino url re write apache

Although httprint is not open source, it is available at no cost for personal, educational and non-commercial use.

IBM Domino url redirect rule processed by closely matching substitution rule - Server Fault

It is easily possible to extend the signatures database, by simply cutting-and-pasting the signature output of httprint, when used against a known server whose fingerprint is not in the database.

The next time httprint is run, the newly added signature will be used in the comparision. Ports which can be considered as http ports are taken from the nmapportlist. Use this domino url re write apache to override the output filename.

Default is ms. For the Win32 platform, httprint is also available in a GUI interface. The screenshot of the GUI version is shown below: In the above example, httprint first displays the signature it generates from the server "apache.

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It then proceeds to compare the signature with those stored in its database, and assigns weights and confidence ratings for every fingerprint. The signature with the highest confidence rating is chosen to be the best match. Picking the highest weight alone may seem to suffice in choosing the best match for the web server.

The significance of confidence ratings can be best illustrated by an example. Let us assume that there are no signatures for any version of Apache present in the signature set. Therefore, if we run httprint against an Apache server, it will never be able to identify the Apache server.

Instead, it will try and pick out the closest approximation to Apache, in terms of behaviour and characteristics, from the signature set. Given below is the output of httprint running against "apache.

The other close candidates are "Com21 Cable Modem" with a confidence rating of Compare this with the confidence ratings generated when the Apache signatures were present in httprint's signature set in section 8.

These seem to indicate a much better level of confidence in the best match. Also, the top three matches all belong to the Apache group of servers, which, again goes to re-assure us of httprint's inference.

Looking at this, we can infer that httprint has not been effective in picking the best choice out of what it knows from its signature set, and hence, the signature set needs to be updated. Another tool, HMAP [8]uses a similar approach in sending HTTP tests but it does not perform fuzzy fingerprint comparisions and confidence ratings calculations.

A sample report is shown below: With versionhttprint can also generate reports in CSV and XML formats available with the enterprise version only.

It is possible to extend httprint's set of signatures, for covering a wider variety of web servers, by simply running httprint against the unknown server, and then including the generated signature in the signatures file.

(Compiled from r5836)

For reporting, it is also possible to associate GIF files having server icons with each signature, which will be then used when generating the HTML report. Trying to defeat HTTP Fingerprinting The technique of system fingerprinting is not yet as foolproof as human fingerprinting.

The following is a list of some of the techniques that can be used to attempt to defeat HTTP fingerprinting: The last one, using a plug-in, is discussed a little more in detail.

ServerMask not only obfuscates the server banner string, but also re-arranges the HTTP response header field order, to mimic servers like Apache, obscures internal server generated cookies, and even has the ability to pose as a random HTTP server for every HTTP request.

domino url re write apache

However, ServerMask can yet be defeated by fingerprinting engines like httprint, which use fuzzy logic analysis on the test results, as shown in the example below: Yes we are using ServerMask Banner Deduced: Given below is an example of five servers using a combination of the techniques discussed above, to disguise their HTTP server behaviour.

A detailed analysis and validation of the above report can be found here Accuracy Issues httprint's accuracy depends on semantically correct responses delivered from the server, as well as the fact that the server being tested should be a part of the signatures file.

There are certain situations where httprint's accuracy is reduced. Load balancers or inward proxy servers before the web server. Load balancers and inward proxy servers rewrite HTTP requests when they are forwarded to the web server being tested.

In this situation, the original HTTP request gets obfuscated and so does the response. These are servers that either redirect domain names to newer ones, or are simply old and want to redirect users to new contents on new servers. Older versions of httprint used to suffer from accuracy problems when dealing with such servers.

domino url re write apache

The latest version of httprint version has a feature to automatically follow server redirection to the new server and test it. A classic example of this is http: Server signature not present.Michael - Michael's corner of cyberspace. We have all read it or heard someone talk about it.

"Static Methods are Death to Testability". Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Creating a url redirection for a domino web server I get surprised at how many people do not know how to do this.

Imagine you want a certain url to be redirected to a different url. Learn Apache mod_rewrite: 13 Real-world Examples this solution does require additional processing by Apache, so be careful if you’re using it .

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redirect for domino mail with https If you want Domino to redirect a URL to a Different URL you can do that by going to Configuration>>WEB>>Intern et Sites and click and open on the site document you want to set the redirection for and then click the "Website" button at the top and select "Create Rule".

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An Introduction to HTTP Fingerprinting