Cultural conflict in outsourced film

Todd is not happy but when his boss Dave informs him that quitting would mean losing his stock optionshe goes to train his Indian replacement Puro Asif Basra. When he arrives, Todd is frustrated with everything in the country where people call him "Mr.

Cultural conflict in outsourced film

The conflicts of Outsourced movie Todd has his own apartment in Seattle, he lives alone, and he is ambitious and consumption-oriented. As he explains to Puro: This news stuns Puro, who also cannot understand why Todd continues to work for a company and a boss he dislikes.

Todd and Puro are at opposite ends of the individualism-collectivism continuum. Todd is incredulous when he discovers that an Indian woman he becomes romantically involved with Asha has been engaged since the age of 4 as part of an arranged marriage by her parents. Todd was sent by his boss to India on an outsourced job to train their call center, in order to sell American products and he took the risk to go to India because he did not have any choice.

Outsourced: Using a Comedy Film to Teach Intercultural Communication - Carol Briam,

This part of movie is Uncertainty Avoidance UAI and this dimension expresses the degree to which the member of a society feels uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. As a consequence, the perceived context in which Americans find themselves will impact their behaviour more than if the culture would have either scored higher or lower.

Thus, this cultural pattern reflects itself as follows: There is a fair degree of acceptance for new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different, whether it pertains to technology, business practices or food.

Cultural conflict in outsourced film

Americans tend to be more tolerant of ideas or opinions from anyone and allow the freedom of expression. At the same time, Americans do not require a lot of rules and are less emotionally expressive than higher-scoring cultures.

India is traditionally a patient country where tolerance for the unexpected is high ; even welcomed as a break from monotony.

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People generally do not feel driven and compelled to take action-initiatives and comfortably settle into established rolls and routines without questioning. It is this attitude that is both the cause of misery as well as the most empowering aspect of the country.Mar 12,  · Individualistic cultures “offer their members a great deal of freedom, the belief being that this freedom makes it possible for each person to achieve personal success” (Adler & .

A tour de force comedy/drama about the positive effects of cross-cultural understanding and spiritual openness.

Film Review by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. Dave (Matt Smith), stuns Todd with the news that his entire department is being outsourced to India where they can get "eight heads for the price of one." The company is sending him to.

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Mar 12,  · the conflict is When Todd makes the cultural faux pas of eating with his left hand, considered the unclean “toilet” hand in many parts of the world.

In India people uses their right hand with eating Beryani and holding the chicken while in America people use to eat with fork, spoon and knife and with their left hand. Using Popular Movies in Teaching Cross-Cultural Management Satish Pandey Paper Presented at 12th International HRD Conference, organized by AHRD, UFHRD and the University of Gloucestershire, UK, May , 'Outsourced' movie tackles global issue with relatable comedy Film addresses the conflict and romance that can arise when U.S.

and Indian cultures collide. Given that feature films can enhance the teaching of intercultural communication, this article describes in detail how the comedy film, Outsourced, can be integrated into a course.

The article relates the film to four different functions of film and shows how Outsourced can help create an intercultural experience for students, serve as the basis for a case analysis of cross-cultural.

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