Chop socky chooks dress up games

Wasabi uses the Chooks to be the power source of a new video game. This video game will actually kill the Chooks in real life. When the Chooks realize this, they try to stop the demon from reaching Wasabi World.

Chop socky chooks dress up games

Complete - id: Thanks to our parents banning us from being them, me, Joe, ChickaDee and Chuckie really did miss being the Chop Socky Chooks but we had a plan to secretly be them one last time that night before saying goodbye to being them forever.

So that night, after our shifts were over, we went over to the lair of the chooks and changed to our CSC outfits just so that we could go patrolling as the chooks one more time. We were about to leave to go patrolling when we heard the chook alert, we knew it was the last time we were going to hear it, the screen showed that our parents had come to the mall looking for us as they thought we were working late and they were attacked by ninja chimps and dragged off to Wasabi's lair.

We knew we had to save them, it felt weird, but we were the Chop Socky Chooks and we weren't gonna let Wasabi kill them. Meanwhile, up at Wasabi's lair.

From outside, we were watching everything and when we saw Wasabi's laser blaster, we knew we had to strike. We screamed our battle cry which was "Chop Socky!

Wasabi was shocked to see us. We decided what we had to do. So we got to work. Joe shut down the laser blaster while Chuckie took our parents to safety, then they both joined me and ChickaDee in beating up Wasabi.

We beat up Wasabi, tied him to a chair and then left without saying another word.

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Our parents were mad at us for being the Chop Socky Chooks again. We tried to explain that we were just doing it for the last time before they broke up the group forever but our parents weren't having any of it.

Then we turned around and saw that Wasabi had escaped from the chair and came out to tell us that it was all his idea to kidnap our parents because he didn't want to lose us Chop Socky Chooks as his enemy.

Our parents understood and we turned around to expect a punishment but instead they thanked us for saving them and as a reward, they let us carry on being the Chop Socky Chooks.

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Chop socky chooks dress up games

By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to do this. Watch chop socky chooks (–) full episodes online Synopsis: Chuckie Chan, KO Joe and Chick P make up Chop Socky Chooks.

The three friends are Kung Fu Chickens who live in Wasabi World and fight the monstrous Doctor Wasabi, who plans to take over the world. Chick P, also known by her real name Chickadee Pao, is the clever fighter and the most mature of the team, and she may be the team's leader.

In her childhood, she used to be friends with Oni (now known as Deadeye) who liked to play Blind Man's Bluff. Her daytime job is working as an electrician.

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The offbeat animated series Chop Socky Chooks originally premiered on the Cartoon Network in It's set in 'Wasabi World,' a fantasy realm whose citizens are lorded over by the vile Dr. Wasabi but protected by a cadre of brave yet hilarious heroes: Chick P (voice of Shelley Longworth), Chuckie Chan (voice of Rob Rackstraw) and KO Joe (voice of Paterson Joseph).

Decode Enterprises with Aardman Animations are spreading Chop Socky Chooks around for all the world to enjoy! Just this week, France 3 signed a deal to air the 3D animated series. Atlantyca Entertainment Picks Up OCON Studios’ TOY COP.


New Zatch Bell mobile game launches in Japan. Game Over Chooks. Saison 1, épisode Chick P takes pity on the big ape and soon he is in training to become the fourth member of the Chop Socky Chooks. But when the Chooks go into battle to stop the brothers’ gangland spree, will their new ally prove a help or a hindrance?

The Chooks rev up their engines to compete against Wasabi 3/5(2).

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