Case study jack in soudi

When I first flew into Riyadh, a few years back now, I was expecting to have a very dry life, but within 20 minutes of arriving on my new compound I was sat beside the pool with a large group of expats getting very drunk on a local brew called sidique or just sid for short. This drink is basically neat alcohol produced by fermenting sugared water and then distilling the resulting mix. Most of the larger compounds have a bar of sorts, however most of them only serve home brewed booze which tends to mean lager that has been re-fermented to add back the alcohol, or wine which is fermented fruit juice available from the local supermarkets.

Case study jack in soudi

The modern business environment is really challenging as compared to that of a few decades back. Innovative techniques are rapidly introduced in business processes.

An adaptation to these techniques is highly dependent on the leadership of an organization.

Case study jack in soudi

If the decision to adopt to new changes is made on timely basis, the results may be disastrous for an organization. Welch had to face different challenges as a leader at GE. at work, Saudi Arabia - ALE

He adopted different strategies to overcome these challenges. He tried his best to focus on creating value for GE.

The aim of this paper is to discuss the tenure of Welch at GE from different angles. I have divided this paper according to the requirements put forward by the course instructor. He had left a legacy at GE and Welch had to face the challenge at the beginning of his career at GE to match up to the legacy of Reg Jones.

We can say that Welch had to be as competent as Reg Jones was from the first day at his office as all other employees were looking up to him.

Welch had to make a decision of deciding a team that would help him transform his vision to reality at GE. Welch also had to convince the new team to adopt to the abrupt changes that Welch had in his mind.

The other issue that Welch had to face on an immediate level was the fact that US economy was in a recession phase.

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This meant that the sales of different businesses were not reaching the expected levels. Problems There were some problems that Welch had to address. First was the presence of aggressive competitors in the market.

Welch was faced to form aggressive strategies to deal with the competitors but the market situation was not favoring aggressive strategies as it was in turmoil at that time. There existed a great uncertainty in the market.

Analysis of Issues Welch was able to address all the issues with a great success. He was able to rise rapidly up and beyond the stature of his predecessor.

He was not hesitant to take tough decisions that could be difficult to take for even a tougher CEO. He gave an opportunity to the individual employees to build their capacity and find ways to be an important part of the organization.

Case study jack in soudi

Critics did criticized the steps taken by Welch to develop leadership skills in the employees during a state of market uncertainty but Welch proved them wrong. Effective decision making by Welch enable the organization to flourish and made the employees valuable assets for the organization.

Welch also took the company into new sectors that contributed to the value of GE. Welch was able to implement a change process which made the company become from a local company to a global one. Especially the introduction of E-business at GE played an important role in making it an important global player with supplying their products to much more consumers in the international arena.

Areas Needing Improvements Well there are not much areas that I would suggest need improvement in accordance to the case study.

The one thing that I have observed from the case study is that Welch has not always been open about his aims from the changes that he is trying to implement. I believe that he could have better communicated his aims and objectives to the larger audience which could have helped him have lesser criticism than he actually had from some critics.

Conclusion Jack Welch had the courage to try changes that seemed odd at that time but paid off really great.Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: January 20, A Swedish newspaper reveals that IKEA has erased all images of women from its catalog for Saudi.

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