Billy elliot moving into a new world

Surname origin[ edit ] Differences in spelling can be distinguished in this rhyme: Scotland[ edit ] The origin of the Scottish surname is obscure, due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in AD. The whole subject of the Scottish name origin is discussed by Keith Elliot Hunter on the Elliot Clan website [10] where he argues for a Breton origin to the name and the first chief being William d'Alyth. Under that name, the d'Alyths played a key role in the Scottish Wars of Independence [11] However, Mark Elliot presents a well-argued case that there is no connection between the Elliot river and town with the clan and believes the origins are in the first name of Elwald, which appears in Northumberland in the 8th century king, Elwald 1.

Billy elliot moving into a new world

He was the only son of five children. In the family returned to Northern Ireland and Wright soon came under the influence of his maternal uncle Cecil McKinley, a member of the Orange Order. About three years later, Wright's parents separated and Billy elliot moving into a new world mother decided to leave her children behind when she transferred once more to England.

None of the Wright siblings would ever see their mother again. Wright and his four sisters Elizabeth, Jackie, Angela and Connie were placed in foster care by the welfare authorities. He was raised separately from his sisters in a children's home in MountnorrisSouth Armagh a predominantly Irish nationalist area.

Wright was brought up in the Presbyterian religion of his mother and attended church twice on Sundays. Nor were his family extreme Ulster loyalists. Wright's father, while campaigning for an inquest into his son's death, later described loyalist killings as "abhorrent".

Wright's sister Angela maintained that he personally got on well with Catholics, and that he was only anti- Irish republican and anti-IRA. During this time Wright's opinions moved towards loyalism and soon he got into trouble for writing the initials "UVF" on a local Catholic primary school wall.

When he refused to clean off the vandalism, Wright was transferred from the area and sent to live with an aunt in Portadown.

Wright made his home in Portadown from the time he transferred there as a teenager In the more strongly loyalist environment of Portadown, nicknamed the "Orange Citadel", [14] Wright was, along with other working-class Protestant teenagers in the area, targeted by the loyalist paramilitary organisation, the Ulster Volunteer Force UVF as a potential recruit.

He was then trained in the use of weapons and explosives. The popular Irish cabaret band had been returning from a performance in Banbridge in the early hours of 31 July when they were ambushed at Buskhill, County Down by armed men from the UVF's Mid-Ulster Brigade at a bogus military checkpoint.

Along with Boyle and Somerville, three band members had died in the attack when the UVF gunmen had opened fire on the group following the premature explosion.

Boyle and Somerville had allegedly served as role models for Wright. However, in his work The Trigger Men, Dillon broke from this version of events and instead concluded that Wright had actually been sworn into the YCV in when he was 14 years of age.

Wright's sister Angela told Dillon that her brother's decision to join the UVF had in fact had nothing to do with the Miami Showband killings and Dillon then concluded that Wright had encouraged this version of events as he felt linking his own UVF membership to the activities of his heroes Boyle and Somerville added an origin myth to his own life as a loyalist killer.

According to Wright's sister Angela, he later claimed that he had been subjected to a number of indignities by the interrogating officers, including having a pencil shoved into his rectum. Wright later claimed that his decision to join the YCV had been influenced by the Kingsmill massacre of Januarywhen ten local Protestant civilians were killed by republicans.

Wright's cousin Jim Wright, future father-in-law Billy Corrigan, and brother-in-law Leslie Corrigan, were also killed by republicans in this period. I was a Protestant and I realised that they had been killed simply because they were Protestants.

Billy elliot moving into a new world

I felt it was my duty to help my people and that is what I have been doing ever since. Wright was released from the Maze Prison in Whilst inside he had nursed a deep resentment against the British state for having imprisoned him for being a loyalist.

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He was met in the car park by his aunt and girlfriend. In a final act of defiance against the authorities, Wright raised his face up towards a British Army observation tower on the Maze's perimeter fence and shouted "Up the UVF".

He had been there only six weeks when he was taken in for questioning by the Anti-Terrorist Squad based at New Scotland Yard. Although he was not charged with any offences, Wright was nonetheless handed an exclusion order banning him from Great Britain.

Wright was charged with murder, attempted murder, and the possession of explosives. He was detained in Crumlin Road Prison for ten months.

The cases, however, ended without any major convictions after McKeown changed his mind and ceased giving evidence. He found a job as an insurance salesman and married his girlfriend Thelma Corrigan, by whom he had two daughters, Sara and Ashleen.

He was regarded as a good father. On the one hand, he argued that his faith drove him to defend the "Protestant people of Ulster", while at the same time, he conceded that the cold-blooded murder of non-combatant civilians would ensure his damnation.

That's a contradiction to the life God would want you to lead.

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If you were to get yourself involved in paramilitary activity in its present form, or the form in which it manifested itself during the Troubles, then I don't think you could walk with God There's always the hope that in some way, someday — and there are precedents within scripture — your hope would be that God would draw you back to him.

All those who have the knowledge of Christ would seek to walk with him again. People would say, 'Billy Wright, that's impossible,' but nothing's impossible if you have faith in God.

I would hope that he would allow me to come back. I'm not walking with GodU.S.

Billy elliot moving into a new world

Arkansas Inmate Released From Prison After Judge's Ruling. An Arkansas man whose murder conviction was overturned with the help of the Midwest Innocence Project was freed from prison.

"Two Thumbs Up!" rave Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper and the Movies. Billy Elliot is the heartwarming story of a young boy from a working-class family who discovers a passion that will change his life forever. When the movie `Billy Elliot', written by Lee Hall and directed by Stephen Daldry, hit the cinemas in the year , both the critics and the audiences where somewhat taken aback.

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Elliot (also spelled Eliot, Elliott, Eliott and Elyot) is a personal name which can serve as either a surname or a given caninariojana.comgh the given name was historically given to males, females named Elliot have increased from in to in , in United States.

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