An introduction to the affects of software piracy in todays society

ACTA will contain new international norms for the enforcement of copyrights, trade mark rights, patents and other exclusive rights. The negotiating parties released the "final" ACTA text.

An introduction to the affects of software piracy in todays society

Libraries, patrons, and e-books Part 1: An introduction to the issues surrounding libraries and e-books The emergence of digital content has disrupted industries and institutions that have enjoyed relatively stable practices, policies, and businesses for decades.

News organizations, record companies, broadcast and movie producers, and book publishers have all been dramatically affected by the change. OverDrive, a global distributor of digital content to library patrons, reported that in 5: Its library website traffic more than doubled to 1.

The company also reported in March that more than 5 million visitors viewed million pages in The firm also reported that e-book browsing is an evening activity: Visitors are most active from p. Among those browsers, romance was the most popular genre, followed by all fiction, mystery and suspense, historical fiction, and science fiction and fantasy.

Libraries are sometimes hard-pressed to keep up with this demand. Extremely long waiting lists for popular books are common. In Fairfax County in suburban Washington, D. There are several major efforts underway to digitize books, especially older, out-of-print, non-copyright protected books, including at Google, the Internet Archive, and Harvard University.

Many publishers are worried about the effect that unlimited library lending of e-books will have on sales of digital titles and about piracy of digital material. Instead, it confirms that the public library does not only incubate and support literacy, as is well understood in our culture, but it is an active partner with the publishing industry in building the book market, not to mention the burgeoning e-book market.

A fifth publisher, HarperCollins, limits library lending to 26 check-outs per e-book, after which libraries may repurchase the title to continue lending it. The libraries were able to transfer about two-thirds of their content.

An introduction to the affects of software piracy in todays society

Kindle Library Lending, which became available September 21,allows library patrons who own Kindles to borrow Kindle books from over 11, public and school libraries in the United States. It also allows borrowers to make notes in their copy of the e-book and to highlight certain passages; these markups are visible only to that user, not other library patrons or Amazon user.

This means that libraries do not need to convert any files from ePub or other formats in order to have those titles available via Kindle. It examines the potential frustrations e-book borrowers can encounter when checking out digital titles, such as long wait lists and compatibility issues.

Finally, it looks at non-e-book-borrower interest in various library services, such as preloaded e-readers or instruction on downloading e-books. Libraries have traditionally played a key role in the civic and social life of their communities, and this work is aimed at understanding the way that changes in consumer behavior and library offerings might affect that unique relationship between libraries and communities.

This report is part of the first phase of that Gates Foundation-funded research. Subsequent reports will cover how people in different kinds of communities urban, suburban, and rural compare in their reading habits and how teens and young adults are navigating this environment.

Further down the line, our research will focus on the changing landscape of library services. Quantitative data The Pew Internet Project conducted several surveys to complete the work reported here. All quantitative findings in this report, including all specific numbers and statistics about various groups, come from a series of nationally-representative phone surveys.

The first was a nationally-representative phone survey of 2, people ages 16 and older between November 16 and December 21, In addition, the survey included an oversample of additional tablet computer owners, e-reader owners, and people who own both devices.

Those surveys were conducted on landline and cell phones and were administered in English. We fielded them to determine if the level of ownership of e-readers and tablets had changed during the holiday gift giving season—and in fact it had.

Finally, we asked questions about book reading and ownership of tablets and e-books in a survey fielded from January February 19, Qualitative material The qualitative material in this report, including the extended quotes from individuals regarding e-books and library use, comes from two sets of online interviews that were conducted in May The first group of interviews was of library patrons who have borrowed an e-book from the library.

Some 6, people answered at least some of the questions on the patron canvassing, and 4, completed the questionnaire. The second group of interviews was of librarians themselves. Some 2, library staff members answered at least some of the questions on the canvassing of librarians, and 1, completed the questionnaire.

Both sets of online interviews were opt-in canvassings meant to draw out comments from patrons and librarians, and they are not representative of the general population or even library users.Suppression of Individuality in Radiohead's, Fake Plastic Trees - Suppression of Individuality in Radiohead's, Fake Plastic Trees "Fake Plastic Trees" criticizes how modern society stifles individuality and forces people to swallow idealized conceptions of how life should be.

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