An examination of the corporation directed by jennifer abbott and mark achbar

And if we look at a corporation as a legal person, that it may not be that difficult to actually draw the transition between psychopathy in the individual to psychopathy in the corporation. Part film and part movement, The Corporation is transforming audiences and dazzling critics with its insightful and compelling analysis. Taking its status as a legal "person" to the logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist's couch to ask "What kind of person is it? Excerpt from main website Please visit the official website for more information:

An examination of the corporation directed by jennifer abbott and mark achbar

Chances are pretty good, in fact, that any film lover will have seen every entry below, and were they to hop over to a ratings aggregrator like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, some of the titles would appear to be already enjoying critical success.

Lichtenstein will have your hand flying to your mouth to either cover it in revulsion or to stifle the laughs erupting from it, and yet the film is neither an overt comedy nor a steadfast horror movie. Jess Weixler is no joke as the owner of the titular set of chompers, giving one hell of a turn as the wounded, confused girl who is just trying to make sense of her womanhood.

It also happens to be one of, if not the, best creature features of the decade for featuring an unconventional monster that requires no special effects or makeup and yet will still have you squirming in your seat. Its examination of the modern-day corporation — as though it were a psychopath —ends up being a lesson in history, ethics, and in how the world works that will have you feeling irrevocably insignificant.

And yet this soul-flattening kick to the head is effortlessly entertaining despite the otherwise arid material it is teaching. I wish The Corporation were shown in every high school classroom in America. American Psycho People like American Psycho.

The whole production is a pitch-perfect, darker-than-the-abyss genre chimera that body-slams the everything-in-excess mentality of the s onto an operating table.

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The supporting cast is all funny to the last red drop, and Psycho boasts a terrific soundtrack to accompany the gorgeous cinematography.

The whole thing is a masterpiece. The script is rife with quotable dialogue, all of which is delivered with pluck by a refreshing cast.

An examination of the corporation directed by jennifer abbott and mark achbar

Crank I took one look at the trailer for Crank and declared it everything that was wrong with Hollywood. Why were the people Statham was talking with on the phone being projected onto the walls of the corridors he was sprinting down?

Why were people suddenly getting their hands chopped off? The whole production is strangely sentient in ways action movies rarely are, spinning its genre conventions around and around until they become intoxicated with their own existence.


Some of the performances are a little off, but a few stale lines could never dimple how fascinating this thought experiment about what immortal life would be like is. It takes place almost exclusively in one room and features zero special effects and as few edits as possible, yet Schenkman makes the end result utterly fascinating.

He is a director wholly in service to his screenwriter, the great Jerome Bixby, who, having written The Man From Earth on his deathbed, never was able to see his delicate script brought to life.

Dances With Wolves in space, dude! Those who want to reduce it to some simple, over-familiar, anti-imperialism story are ignorant of the larger story being told.The Corporation, a documentary by filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott and author Joel Bakan, delves into that legal standard, essentially asking: if corporations were people, what kind of people would they be?

Applying psychiatric principles and FBI forensic techniques, and through a series of case studies, the film determines that this entity, the corporation, which has an increasing power over the 8/ The Corporation also has a real estate development division.

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The diverse product lines of the company divide the corporation into four divisions, namely, real estate, ceramic coatings, equipment manufacturing and home products.

This paper introduces a new concept for open source business software development, collaboration structure, business models and metadata system. The commercial business software models of today are out-dated and although the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market is ruled by a few key players.

Special Edition Two Disc Set • Directed by Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott • minutes • Canadian • Winner of 23 International Awards, including the Sundance Film .

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Interaction Design: Serving Corporate Needs. By Keyvan | Published: What’s missing is any kind of critical examination looking at how corporations themselves may be the obstacle to truly positive, socially responsible design. () [Documentary] Directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. Canada.

Big Picture Media Corporation. This. The Corporation () is a movie genre Documentary produced by Big Picture Media Corporation was released in Canada on with director Mark Achbar.

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