A review of gloria naylors the two

And Stave's anthology demonstrates that--like Morrison and Walker--Naylor is a presence in the mainstream US literary canon. Stave limits her critical focus to Mama Day and Bailey's Cafe, Naylor's third and fourth novels, making the former the subject of eight of the nine essays. This strategy enables a diversity of critical readings that sustain a dynamic both readable and teachable.

A review of gloria naylors the two

At first, she was confused because she did not know what the word "nigger" means. However, when her teacher scolded the child, deep inside she knew that he was trying to humiliate her. Also, she adds to her essay that the meaning on some words in this case "nigger" depends on the way and with the intention people use it.

As an example, the boy at school used the word "nigger" as an insult when at home; some African American women use it as a "possessive adjective" by saying "my nigger" which means "boyfriend or husband".

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So, here Gaylor raises the question of Why does the way somebody says a word is more powerful that the word written itself? In my opinion, this question addresses the main point of Gaylor's essay. Nowadays, I do believe in the fact that something as simple as a word can hurt somebody deeply.

In this case, the word "nigger" can be used as a nice complement or an insult which conveys racism.

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Also, such word can cause a really big impact towards the person that is receiving the insult and sadly, the person who says it does not really care. I believe that everybody is equal; therefore I think that parents should nurture the same value to their kids.

They should start by telling them that calling names to people is not right and they should watch the way they express because without knowing they can hurt somebody. However, this essay portrays how African Americans still face racism. Gaylor withdraws part of the origin of the word "nigger" somehow by omitting the meaning of racism that this word also conveys.


As we know African Americans were humiliated and called "Niggers" by white people. Behind on history, most African Americans were slaves and as a result their lives were covered on draconian actions. Sadly, back then, when the word "nigger" which comes from the Spanish word "negro" and Latin word "Niger" and English combined it to become "Nigger" was created, it was no different than calling a Spanish person Spanish.

However, it was influenced and sadly, the society made it become derogatory.

A review of gloria naylors the two

On her essay, Gaylor does not get in touch with this racism issue. However, it seems that the third-grader boy intended to use this word towards Gaylor in a racism manner. In the transformation publication "The Quintessential Male", there is a publication called "Hey Nigger - The Power of a Word" where the author portrays the idea of how people has to learn that whenever a word is said with a hateful and malicious manner, they can traumatize someone poignantly as it happened to the author of this publication.

Also, the article states the main point that Gayle wants to portray to everybody in her essay which is how "words themselves are innocuous; [and] the consensus [are the ones] that [give] them true power". In The Quintessential Male's article, the guy that called him "nigger" traumatized the author because of the way he addressed the word towards him.

However, on Gayle's story, when her classmate called her "nigger", she addresses that he said it in a bad tone but not as bad as the guy from the Quintessential Male's publication.

A review of gloria naylors the two

As a result, the kid did not traumatize Gayle, but the men from the other story did traumatize the author. Here, it shows how important is to be careful whenever an individual refers to another in everyway and how words can be more powerful than they seem.And more a review of gloria naylors the two online Easily share your publications and get Seeking information on John GROUNDWATER.

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Gloria is a less successful experiment, but it is no less intelligent for that. Jacobs-Jenkins’s dialogue, always piquant, here sounds even more acutely observed, especially in delineating the. A talking circle for the resistance is happening at the Daryl Roth Theatre, where Gloria: A Life, a bio play about America’s most famous feminist, opened off-Broadway tonight.

On the evening I. This paper attempts a reading of Gloria Naylor’s 'The Women of Brewster Place' as being representative of the story cycle genre and posits that the contemporary story cycle genre may be situated within a dual frame - one that embraces both western and non-western traditions as its elements of .

Gloria Naylor, a writer known for illuminating the stories of Black women, died of a heart attack on September 28 in the Virgin Islands, her sister, Bernice Harrison, confirmed to EBONY.

Gloria Naylor was the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts () and a Guggenheim fellowship (), Naylor was one of only a few African American women ever to .

A review of gloria naylors the two