A discussion of making marijuana legal of maintaining the current restrictions on the substance

Inthe British newspaper The Independent began a campaign to decriminalize marijuana use, describing it as a relatively harmless drug, eventually leading to the British Government downgrading the legal status of the drug. Ten years later, the same newspaper published another article entitled " Cannabis: Rich Deem Marijuana cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in many developed countries. Under the impression that these benefits were substantial, voters in California and Arizona approved initiatives allowing the use of "medical" marijuana by patients under certain circumstances.

A discussion of making marijuana legal of maintaining the current restrictions on the substance

Share on Twitter The last image we have of Patrick Cagey is of his first moments as a free man. He has just walked out of a day drug treatment center in Georgetown, Kentucky, dressed in gym clothes and carrying a Nike duffel bag.

His face bright, he sticks his tongue out in embarrassment. Four days later, he will be dead from a heroin overdose. Patrick was recuperating from surgery for a knee injury suffered during his sophomore wrestling season.

Back in the wood-paneled living room of their Lexington, Kentucky, home that afternoon, Patrick and his parents began an impromptu family meeting about what to do next.

Patrick took the footrest between them, sitting with his hands on his knees. Was he ready to be home? Did he have a plan to get a sponsor? Maybe he should start looking for a job or apply to graduate school? Before he entered Recovery Works, the Georgetown treatment center, Patrick had been living in a condo his parents owned.

But they decided that he should be home now.

A discussion of making marijuana legal of maintaining the current restrictions on the substance

He would attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, he would obtain a sponsor — a fellow recovering addict to turn to during low moments — and life would go on.

As they talked, though, a new reality quickly set in. In her shock and heartbreak, Anne looked away.

A discussion of making marijuana legal of maintaining the current restrictions on the substance

Jim had worked for decades as a public school English teacher and taught at aviation camps as an amateur pilot.

Anne was in nursing and health care administration. Before Patrick was born, she had even helped run a methadone clinic treating heroin addicts and later had worked in substance abuse and psychiatric wards for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Jim and Anne knew how to be steady in a crisis.

So many of her clients had done well: She was also familiar with a newer maintenance medication on the market sold under the brand name Suboxone.

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Unlike methadone, it can be prescribed by a certified family physician and taken at home, meaning a recovering addict can lead a normal life, without a daily early-morning commute to a clinic.

The medical establishment had come to view Suboxone as the best hope for addicts like Patrick. Yet of the dozens of publicly funded treatment facilities throughout Kentucky, only a couple offer Suboxone, with most others driven instead by a philosophy of abstinence that condemns medical assistance as not true recovery.

Even at clinics that offer the medication, the upfront costs and budget limitations render it out of reach for the vast majority who come through their doors.

But Patrick had insurance, and Anne, with her treatment background, thought she could find a prescribing doctor. We can put you on methadone or we can get you Suboxone. There are other things that you can do besides the step program. But Patrick had just left a facility that pushed other solutions.

And the role of the therapist he was assigned seemed limited to reminding him of the rules he was expected to follow. Still, by the second week, he appeared to take responsibility for his addiction.FULL TEXT OF THE MEDICINaL AND ADULT-USE CANNABIS REGULATION AND SAFETY ACT (MAUCRSA) Note: The statutes below have updated to include the changes from the passage of SB94, which incorporated the medicinal cannabis regulatory system into the AUMA/Proposition 64 framework.

The Oklahoma ABLE Commission is proposing numerous changes to its administrative rules as a result of State Question A copy of the proposed changes can be found using the link below.

Marijuana Harmless?

State-authorized medical marijuana use has been going on now for more than two decades, and the array of state legal and policy developments in the marijuana space are too great to even take in. There is not a state law requirement to advertise the city’s vacant space in the library building for lease.

The city could advertise or use an RFP but is not required to do so. August 19, saw Iowans concerned with the issue of medical marijuana receiving the first of four scheduled public hearings on the issue before the state's pharmacy board, as reported by an August 20 DesMoines Register article ("Board Hears Stances on Medical Marijuana").According to the article, "speakers at the State Historical Building told the Iowa Pharmacy Board that marijuana is a.

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. The main psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids.

Cannabis can be used by smoking, vaporizing, within food, or as an extract.

A Discussion Regarding the Use of Medical Marijuana