A comparison of city and village life

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A comparison of city and village life

This is mainly because the ambiance created in the city is completely different from that of a village. This clearly impacts the way of life of the people in these two contexts.

The experience of a villager is different to that of someone who lives in a city. The social relationships, work, bonds, opportunities, social mechanisms all are rather contrasting. Through this article let us examine the differences between village life and city life.

What is Village Life? In a village, life is calm and quiet.

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People in the village know each other very well and have developed close bonds with others. Villagers are very friendly, warm-hearted and are ready to help others at all times.

In a village during special occasions, all the villagers get together and help each other in preparations. Unlike in the cities where people keep to themselves in a village, there is a greater bond among villagers.

However in a village, there are fewer facilities in comparison to the city. Villagers usually have difficulty in transportationeducationand even medication.


Most villages do not have fully equipped and modernized medical facilities. In some cases, the villagers have to travel long distances to reach the hospital or the medical center.

Schools are also underdeveloped. Parents would be happy to send their children to cities for higher studies rather than to villages.

A comparison of city and village life

Seeking employment can also be difficult in the village, because there are fewer opportunities. What is City Life? Unlike the village life, city life is endowed with a lot of advantages.

Introduction: Village life refers to the living condition of the rural caninariojana.com life refers to the life of urban people. There is wide difference between village life and city life. Both the City and the village serve functional purpose in their own way. Aug 17,  · 3.A city has local laws while a village does not; it is administered by a parish council and is a part of a town. 4.A village is located in a smaller land area while a city has a large land area. caninariojana.com land, housing, transportation, utilities, and sanitation systems of a city are more complex than that of a village/5(10). Difference Between Village Life and City Life! It has been heard for ages that the lifestyle varies between a city and village. Definitely there is a great difference in the lifestyle among people living in villages and cities.

This is because of the fact that there are a number of opportunities open to you in a city. City life is provided with a lot of facilities too.

Cities are endowed with quality higher education institutions whereas villages are not endowed with high-quality colleges and universities. In addition to schools and colleges, city life is preferred for improved medical facilities.

Village Life | Advantages and Disadvantages of Village Life

If someone falls ill in the family, you tend to take him or her to a popular hospital in a city since villages are not equipped with the best of medical attention. The number of hospitals in a city and the facilities are far more when compared to that in a village. A city has banks, cinema theaters, parks, golf courses, sports stadiums, clubs, hotels and shopping malls.

The behavior of people in a city is different from that of the people in a village. People in a city are unfriendly, and they maintain distance from others. On the contrary, the people in villages are warm-hearted and friendly. Villagers receive you well whereas city-dwellers tend to be within doors.

People in villages are very helpful in nature, but people living in cities tend to be more selfish in their attitude. A city is characterized by various kinds of pollution such as noise pollution, visual pollution, and air pollution. This is due to that fact that there are a number of factories, industries and mills in a city than in villages.

Hence, villages are endowed with pure air devoid of pollution. Also, visual and noise pollution are less in villages.

These are the main differences between village life and city life. What is the difference between Village Life and City Life?Difference Between City Life & Country Life Essay; Do you know differences between city life and village life? Also, you may think the city life is most comfortable.

You know, there are so many differences between them. A Comparison of Country and City Life in Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country Words | 3 Pages. Our city profile reports are created to help you make an educated decision of where to live that fits your quality-of-life desires.

And, if you're considering two opportunities in different cities, our city comparison tool will allow you to judge the data on a single web page. The air in the village is purer and more serene then the air in the city because the village has a lot of plants and a few vehicles.

Although the city which has a lot of business centers or factories would help to improve the standard of living, it . Compare Cities. The BestPlaces City Compare will show you how two cities compare in over a dozen categories and s of items.

The most popular comparisons are: Population, Cost of Living, Average Rent, Crime Rate, Tax Rates and Air Quality. Advantages and Disadvantages and Thorough Study of City Life vs Village Life Words | 14 Pages.

disadvantages and thorough study of City Life vs Village Life Though India is mainly a land of villages, there are many cities as well in the country. Some of the . There exists a clear difference between village life and city life.

This is mainly because the ambiance created in the city is completely different from that of a village.

This clearly impacts the way of life of the people in these two contexts.

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